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Self Transformational Integral HathaYoga

Transformational Yoga is based on the premise that every individual harbors in the core of their being the capacity to experience pure consciousness, characteristics of which are good health, emotional balance, mental and spiritual clarity. This integral system was developed by Swami Vidyanand in order to activate inner resources that allow the individual to live in a state of well-being and balance which lightens the pressures of contemporary living.


1. Lifestyle Consultation and Yogic Chakra reading with Swami Vidyanand.
Duration: 30 min                  Price: 2000
You may utilize the experience and knowledge of Yoga Guru, Swami Vidyanand for lifestyle concerns pertaining to insomnia, weakness, stress. Right solutions will be offered for the blockage of life chakras that lead to increased level of stress and low level of energy. He would offer advice on Yogic lifestyle based on Yogic posture and pranayama, mantra and simple meditation techniques.

2. Integral Transformational Yoga Session - Purn Rupantran                                                                                    Duration: 60 min                    Price Rs 600
Get the benefits of Yoga with the group energy every morning/evening  in Spa Gardens. Learn Yoga asanas with Yoga master  while enjoying the natural beauty in pure air.
The integral Yoga session aims at the overall well being - physical, Pranic, Psychic and for detoxification and generating Yogic energy.

3. TIME Meditation                                                                           Duration:   90min       Price: 3000
TIME: New concept in wellness through Yoga refers to Transformation Integrally through Meditation Education. This is achieved by meditation towards inner guidance and inner strength, inner balance and inner enlightenment.

4. Self Transformation Yoga                                   Duration:  60 min                       Price:  2000

A private Yoga session is conducted as per your requirements and needs and the level. Yoga asanas are practiced under trained Yoga Guru for maximum benefits - physical, pranic and mental and psychic purification

5. International Yoga Teacher Training course  
Level 100
Duration 10 days:                         Price :  Rs  25000
Introduction of the physical body, Prana body, mental body and psychic body, Connection with the seven Chakras. Mechanism of  Hatha Yoga, mechanism of Prana Yoga, mechanism of meditation and mechanism of Prayers, Purification of the four bodies.

 Level 200  Duration : 20 days                                Price Rs 50,000

Mechanism of Asana and variation, mechanism of Pranayama and variation, mechanism of meditation and variation, mechanism of Prayers and variations. Introduction and connection of outer four bodies and inner four bodies

After the completion of Level 200 one becomes an internationally certified Yoga Trainer with Yoga alliance international.  

6. Pranayma course                                                  Duration:  10 hours                Price: 10000
Most of the ailments arise from incorrect or incomplete breathing. Pranayama course would guide you to various forms of breathing and expand your energy bodies and transform your blind emotions while generating the Yogic energy.

By using a combination of various techniques such as asans, pranayama, mantra and meditation, transformational Yoga brings about a rapid change in both body, mind and energy. This coure is for all who wish to discover their inner sources of strength, good health, emotional balance, mental and spiritual clarity.

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