Experience a Picturesque Candle Light Dinner in Delhi

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A quintessential experience. Stunning locales, astonishing decor from the breathtaking backdrop to your dream moments in the dim candlelight light. At The Grand New Delhi, celebrations become larger than life.

Experience a romantic moment that came straight out of a fairytale with us. We have the perfect venue for you and your partner, delicacies worldwide, and decorations according to your preference.

Finest and gourmet cuisine: The Grand New Delhi chefs are known for their exceptional culinary skills and serving cuisines prepared with high-quality ingredients. They experiment with flavours, presentation styles, and textures to present unique and memorable dishes on the table. Paying meticulous attention to plating, using artistic garnishes and arrangements to enhance the visual appeal of the cuisines.

Majestic decorations: The decorations are associated with opulence and elegance with a touch of grandeur. This makes it a perfect venue for a romantic candlelight dinner in Delhi with aesthetic visual appeal. During the festive season, The Grand New Delhi is decorated with premium quality material giving the finest look to the venue. We give extra effort to the decoration to enhance your candlelight dinner in Delhi experience.

Soothing ambience: The soothing ambience is a personal preference. We experiment with different elements until you find the combination that helps you relax and unwind the most. The Grand New Delhi ensures that the room is at a comfortable temperature and scented candles are placed to create a relaxing ambience. Soft piano or acoustic guitar music is played in the background to enhance the dining experience. Soft or warm light lights are used, instead of harsh overhead lighting.

Luxurious rooms: The Grand luxurious rooms are well-appointed, exceptionally comfortable, and designed with high-end amenities and features to provide guests with a lavish and indulgent experience. These are decorated with exquisite furnishings, fine artwork, and upscale d├ęcor that creates a sense of opulence and sophistication. The Grand New Delhi enhances the dining experience with the best hospitality services and the finest cuisines at a candlelight dinner in Delhi.

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