The Grand Rewards

Welcome to 'Grand Rewards', the loyalty programme designed by our luxury hotel in New Delhi to recognize travel planners.

'Grand Rewards' offers you exciting redemption options ranging from dining options at our eclectic range of restaurants and gift vouchers from various retail outlets. It works on the basis of room revenue generated excluding taxes.

Members earn one point for every Rs 1,000 of room revenue and need to build a corpus of 125 points to be eligible for redemption.

To enjoy the rewards of being a Grand Rewards member, remember to quote your unique membership number at the time of booking. This will ensure that the points are credited to your account at check-out.

Point Structure

For every Rs. 1,000 of Room Revenue excluding applicable taxes generated by the booking, the member will earn 1 Grand Reward Point which has the value of Rs. 20. For Example:

  • Room Rate of Rs 10,000, 2 Night Stay rate of Rs 20,000.
  • Points earned will be Rs.20,000 / Rs.1,000 = 20 points.
  • 20 Grand Rewards Points = Value is 20 x 20 = Rs. 400.
  • Rates which are not in the multiples of Rs. 1,000 will be rounded off to the nearest points at the end of the month once the total generated room revenue has been calculated.

Point Tracking

When a reservation is made by the member it is of key importance that the reservation is linked to the profile of the member (source) on the system in order to avoid any discrepancy in the process of point tracking and redemption.

While making the reservations, the name and Grand Reward membership number of is required to ensure that the points are credited to the members account. The request on this regard would not be entertained later.

Statement of the points earned by each member is available to member on the website. You will need the allotted Ids and Password to access the statements online. You can also keep track using the statements.